Russia from my House

A picture is worth a thousand words! Indeed. Russian Artist Andrei Budaev, the master of political parody, invites us to count the words.

Vladimir Putin has dominated Europe and Russia’s political stage like no other since Stalin. Pooti Poot is everywhere, and nowhere. What the American right in blatant mischaracterization attempted to pin on Obama, namely, leading from behind, has been employed by Putin with political mastery.

As the apocalyptic Bush Crusade piled up bloodied hands, broken fingernails and dead Iraqis, Tsar Pootimir became the voice of reason.

andrej budajew1

Putin observes the ‘bloodthirsty’ mob and their ‘instigators’ from an unseen location while shouting repeatedly ‘this is wrong, this is wrong.’

Donning one of his many disguises, Pontius Putin dispatches the enemies of the empire with relative ease. “Check it out, homies! No blood on my hands.”

Mikhail Messiah Khodorkovsky is given up for crucifixion, while Roman Barrabas Abramovich is allowed a return to his evil ways

Mikhail Messiah Khodorkovsky is given up for crucifixion, while Roman Barrabas Abramovich is allowed a return to his evil ways

Vladimir Henson pulls the strings on his puppets to feed the hungry visitors to the Gazprom soup kitchen, who, unquestionably, will pay any price, dance any jig and do Kermit the Frog impressions to stay warm each winter.

Beggar can't be choosers. Merkel, Barrosso, Sarkozy stand in line for handouts from Unrkraine Vizeroy Tomyschenko, while Emperor Putin, flanked by his successor Consul Medwedev looks

The Muppets: Berlusconi, Merkel, Barrosso and Sarkozy audition for handouts from Ukraine Vizeroy Tymoshenko, while chief puppeteer Putin, flanked by his successor Fozzie Bear Medwedev enjoys the show.

On the doorstep of the crusaders, Putin’s stripper in the west, Hugo Chavez, does a lap dance for Bush. “How yuh like deeeeezz nuts, Gringo George?


Many great empires broke and crumbled in the jaws of Mother Russia; it’s a beast that can never be tamed, only ridden by those who are truly its children. “When experience is not retained…infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”George Santayana.


It’s irrelevant which butler answers the door, Putin remains master of the house. President Obama and his successors would be wise to heed Sarah Palin’s wisdom: “as Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of The United States of America, where– where do they go? It’s Alaska.”

11 Responses to “Russia from my House”
  1. dhonour says:

    It had to be Alaska. It was always going to be Alaska.

  2. Not necessarily a nice bloke, our Mr Putin, but a very canny one for sure

  3. Bastet says:

    Lovely bit so satire!

    • lexborgia says:

      Budaev pulls no punches, and Putin is a goldmine of material. Re:’Long time no see’ – I’m still with you. I’m not on your followers list anymore but I have a zillion links to you on my page, You post a lot, which is great, but daily multi-posts in my feed drives me insane; feels like sitting in a traffic jam. I removed everyone. Easier for me, more relaxing. I’m still with you.

  4. This is great stuff, glad I discovered your blog today (thanks for following, I’ve done the same.)

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