Color me Bad

Scenario 1:

Mr Z, on the prowl for evil-doers and observing what he suspects to be one, ignores the official organ of government charged with enforcing laws; he leaves his truck, intending to bring the evil-doer to heel.

Mr Z (aproaching potential evil-doer): ‘Hey, what are you up to? You live around here?

Potential evil-doer doesn’t respond, ignores Mr Z and continues on his way.

Mr Z: I asked you a question punk. Freeze.

Potential Evil-doer: Look man, it’s raining and I don’t have time for this shit.

Mr Z: make time.

Potential Evil-doer: Dude, I’ll make time if you give me a ride home(laughing). And I’m not a punk, just a kid. Just chill man.

Mr Z (laughing): Home! So you do live around here!

Potential Evil-doer:YesNotYes, my dad does, just up there.

Mr Z: Okay, cool. Come on, I’m with the watch, doing my rounds; I’ll give you a ride back to the crib.

Potential Evil-doer: Cool. You da man.

Scenario 2:

Mr Z, a member of the watch, is doing his rounds. He spots what to him is a suspicious character walking in the rain, instead of flying, driving or riding a horse or bike. He investigates, corners suspicious character.

Mr Z: Hey, you! State your Business.

Suspicious Character (cautious): State yours.

Mr Z: I’m from the neighbourhood watch, George Zimmerman is my name.

Suspicious Character: The Watch! Oh man, that’s a relief – you scared the hell out of me(laughing). Cool, the watch, makes me feel a whole lot better.

Mr Z: Glad to hear. State your business.

Suspicious Character: Business! Ain’t got none, I’m just a kid dude. Heading back to the house from the 7/11, my dad lives just 5min away. This lousey weather doesn’t make it any easier though.

Mr Z: My truck is parked back there, I can give you a ride. Come on.

Suspicious Character: Sweet. But wait, how do I know you’re not a predator?

Mr Z (laughing): I’m not, really, but I was a little apprehensive when I saw you at first, so I called the police, sorry about that. Hold on, let me call them back.. you can check the number… and talk to them as well.

Mr Z dials. Suspicious character sips his iced-tea.

Mr Z (on telephone): Sargeant! It’s George Zimmerman again. Yeah, he’s with me, just a kid heading back to his dad’s place, from the 7/11. Yeah, it’s all good. Listen, he’s going to ring you back, just to verify who I am. Okay. Bye.

Mr Z hands his cellphone to suspicious character, who rings 911 and verifies the story.

Suspicious Character (hands the cell back): Okay, cool. Where’s your ride? By the way, my name is Trayvon.

Mr Z (shakes Trayvon’s Hand): Nice to meet you Trayvon: Let’s get you home son, this weather isn’t getting any kinder.

Trayvon: I hear you Homes.

Scenario 3:

Mr Z, and Tray, suspicious of, and agressive towards each other, cast off civility, thereby foregoing the opportunity to discover that none were a threat to each other – skin color(black, white, green or pink) does not determine the character of a man. Now one of them is dead. The country is still aggressive – and armed to the teeth – much more than before. Outcome unknown.

7 Responses to “Color me Bad”
  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Scenario 1 is my preference. Unfortunately, Scenario 3 is too often the rule rather than the exception.

  2. Bumba says:

    Scenario #4 – or attachment to #3: Police called, detain Zimmerman for questioning, file charges, and arrange for trial – as was proper procedure – and avert the real shame in this entirely shameful affair.

    • lexborgia says:

      1+2 makes #4 unnecessary. The idea isn’t to compound hatred and fear, but to avoid another death through misunderstanding and lack of civility. The cycle must be broken.

      • Bumba says:

        I’m saying the larger shame here was the behavior of the police. The immediate release of a suspected murderer was the original news story/scandal if you remember. Somehow that story was forgotten.

  3. Linda Vernon says:

    I agree with Jeff! Too bad it didn’t happen like Scenario #1.

    • lexborgia says:

      Roger that. We could found the ‘Scenario 1 Party’ but we wouldn’t get much votes! Where’s God when you need him? My bad, he’s leading the Scenario 3 Party.

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