Dodging Rainbows

Issue 4

Please remain calm.

Summer begins. Travel and outdoors. We get the drift. In addition to the beach towels, shorts and thirst for frozen drinks, we urge you to pack this edition in your luggage as well; we too, are leaving the planet for parts unknown.

Cookies and milk are in the refrigerator, the hard stuff on the top shelf, beer and champagne in the cellar. We’re gone.

Reality Check

The totality of real things and events. Reality. No assembly required.

From Great Britain, New York, Japan, Frankfurt, India, Jamaica, and as far as Australia, a few good people with loose screws, complaints, epiphanies and quirky advice, have been discovered and set upon, after found to be in possession of the hallucinatory drug ‘reality, ‘ a natural narcotic that allows you to see things the way they truly are.

Ashes & Sparks, and Robyn, have glanced upon the naked soul of reality, and returned with incredible tales from the experience .


5star feature

Ashes & Sparks: I Know Only Two Gods 2gs

“I’m told Krishna exists because the Mahabharata ( note: a book by an Indian sage ) says he does. Jesus exists because the Bible says so. Now, perhaps Allah, Krishna, Jesus and all other religious figureheads exist. But if the aforementioned logic is applied, then Batman exists too, because DC Comics says so.”

Belief in the invisible man does not make him real, but his invisibility also provides deniability of his non-existence. Ashes & Sparks has displayed great wisdom in breaking the stalemate; the examination of purpose. His, is not an argument for, or against God, it’s an expression of empathy, respect and reason. Link>> I know only two Gods, One is working, While the Other is watching TV


Movie Quiz

“Do they look like psychos? Is that what they look like? They were vampires! Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don’t give a fuck how crazy they are!”- which actor, which character, which cult film?


Steak & Eggs – the naked truth

This diet was invented by the famous bodybuilder trainer Vince Gironda, as a way to burn excess bodyfat. Eaten twice each day; let’s see what thrice does.   


Something Quite Simple: Black, No Sugar. The only thing worse than Americans in London, is Brits in New York.

Sherbert & Sparkles: Getting Naked Abroad. Modesty is a virtue to be cherished, and shielded from prying eyes. Not everyone agrees.

Muags: Being Alive/Spoken Word. Two minutes of beauty in purest form, seen through the soul, spoken on the edge of reality, with the sweet breath of freedom.


up in this bitch



5star Feature

Well Read Robyn: The Homo Hypocrite rob

“The realization: there was quite a bit of hypocrisy associated with homosexuality in Jamaica. So far I’ve identified three main types: the hypocritical homophobe, the hypocritical homosexual and the hypocritical homophiliac/gay rights supporter.”

The Caribbean conjures images of swaying palms, cocktails, golden beaches, calypso music and smiling natives to pamper your every wish. Indeed. But behind the veil, there’s a tale, of evil in Eden under the sun. Follow this link to read more>>> Tales From Paradise – The Homo Hypocrite.


Short-cuts: 5 quick-reads in a roadside motel

pap2Little Miss Lola: BBQ Rules – “When a man volunteers to do the BBQ the following chain of events are put into motion.”- Lola

The Ninja Robot: People I hate. Are you on that list? Yes, you are.

TreebeardMaggie Thatcher was a real Babe. The Iron Lady will crack you up.

Dave Whatt: So What Have Those TV Ads Been Telling Us? Get a job!

Watcostan: 10 Things Women Want During Sex. Most important! Get it up.

The Authors of the recommended content bear sole responsibility for any short or long-term psychological damage that may result from reading their stories.


The nerd on the bridge is going on summer vacation. Normal Service will resume in September, but I might pop in occasionally to mow the lawn. Cheers.

3 Responses to “Dodging Rainbows”
  1. dhonour says:

    Summer vacation?? Pardon?? Who is going to slap me in the face when I need slapping, hmmm?? Did you think of that? I like the newer format, with the longer features and then the shorter ones. I am going to read them now.

    • lexborgia says:

      Slapping you around does have a certain appeal, but I must take a break, and now is as good a time as any. I need to finish a manuscript by August 1st. I’ll think of you and read you sometimes and maybe a post inbetween. Be good.

  2. Enjoy your vacay. I’ll be working on my book still, so let us break some invisible bread over the art of writing, and the dedication, silence, and solitude that the craft requires. We’ll go for some transparent Jell shots when you return. 🙂

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