Brothers in Arms

Brothers In Arms

Fifty years of tears
plus ten
forever and some more
lived upon the shores of Samaria and Gaza.
Is that so?
the world does ask
quick forgotten as the grass
is the present future
torture, seizure
checkpoints, closure
and a wall
with many names
that say
this man is an animal

Am I a terrorist?
I fight to be free
resistance is my dignity
the world has closed its eyes
no one speaks.

Incursion in their steel machines
bloody and repressive is this dream
of occupation
the actions of the chosen
the victim scorned
lives taken in the dawn
bulldozed to the ground
the veto in New York unyielding
cloaked in faith and Sunday song.

The street responds
stones and martyrs stand
against the drones
of oppression.

Am I a terrorist?
I fight to be free
resistance is my dignity
the world has closed its eyes
no one speaks.

Caged minors and evictions
blockade of starvation
destruction of another field
of life and olive trees
feeds the seed of hatred
gives birth to refugees
and settlements
is not a vision
for peace.

To my brother I’m no man
just a weed upon the land
of our father
has he blessed one son
and cursed the other?

The dream of dignity
founded on equality
extinguished under heel
of occupation.

Say no to fear
and hate
standing side by side
brothers reconciled.

Am I a terrorist?
I fight to be free,
resistance is my dignity,
the world has closed its eyes,
no one speaks.

Architecture, Urbanism & Conflict: Prescription of Tear Gas

12 Responses to “Brothers in Arms”
  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] I enjoyed this really cool poem of yours!

  2. makagutu says:

    The world would be better if we stopped to kill, rape and philanderer but shared

  3. dhonour says:

    Cloaked in faith and Sunday song. Gorgeous. You make me want to write poetry again.

  4. Bastet says:

    Reblogged this on Bastet and Sekhmet and commented:
    It’s all to easy to sit back in an easychair and judge, where we have no elements to judge but through war mongering newspaper articles…I hate feuds…history is full of them…one side against another in fratricidal war…remember dear friends when we read a newspaper article, the partisans of France and Italy were considered terorists by the Nazi-Fascists…this poem and it’s great conclusive consideration is a great read, if you wish to meditate about Peace! There is a better way…we just forget to use it.

  5. Leo says:

    It’s really sad what Israel does. I’m living in Israel from a bit more than 10 years, and it ashame me that this country take nazi-actions. It’s a shame.
    Just know that not everyone in Israel support it’s actions.

    • lexborgia says:

      I know, but the good people aren’t doing enough. I live in Germany, I understand the severity of what happened here, and it pains me to see Israel doing These things; there is absolutely no excuse.

  6. Jeff Nguyen says:

    This is an eloquent and powerful statement that is in stark contrast to the fealty that our “elected” officials pay to the Israeli government. Unfortunately, its not just our words but our military hardware and tax payer dollars that go to the Israeli war machine, also. Thank you for sharing your voice.

  7. themonumentaljackass says:

    This is the most powerful kind of poem, for it makes you stop and think of it.
    Sheer magnificence.

  8. lexborgia says:

    A sincere thank you to everyone who commented on this piece.

  9. “Submission, Is not a vision, For peace.” Indeed, good sir, indeed. Well done.

  10. halftangible says:

    Israel has tried multiple times since its founding to establish an independent Palestinian state by negotiating with other nations in the region. Each time they have been met with violence, blood, and war. They have been ignored and their offers spat upon, regardless of the offer made. The nations of the middle east are not interested in peace with the jews, they just want them either dead or gone.

    Oh, and those nations also make matters worse for the Palestinians, not that anyone arrayed against Israel cares.

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