Letters of Intrigue

The writer’s mind needs exercise. Stay alert, this work-out is very simple. The method is abstract thinking, the key is in the title of the post. Yes, it’s a puzzle to be solved.

tie ring in tin

run it

girt tire

get net


tug gun

rent gent

gut ten


grunt ire

ruin tune

turn urn

tinge rug

try nut gin

rig rite


tri rut

true grit runt


4 Responses to “Letters of Intrigue”
  1. in tune rig
    gut ring
    grin in trig

  2. Bastet says:

    Hahahaha…a little gym workd is always good to build up the old muscles! how about: trim rim…slob lob…and dear…ear?

  3. themonumentaljackass says:

    well done 😀

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