Smoke Signals


Flash Fiction. Is short. Industry gate-keepers coalesce around 500 words. Beyond that, is motion blur. In China, long ago, it flourished as ‘the smoke long‘ story, done when your cigarette is. Of course, cigarettes were much shorter back then. There’s no need to ‘light up’ now, this will all be over in a flash.

Irish writer and author Jenni Doherty has scoured the globe, on a quest to discover and share flashes of brilliance from various genres and diverse cultural perspectives. She has succeeded.

“This is a wild, invigorating, exciting extravaganza of assorted literary works from all walks of life and corners of the world. Fresh, fast and fun, this collection proves we can communicate at anytime, any place and anywhere.”- Jenni Doherty

Get Me Outta Here (100 words)

‘The captain stood quietly at the helm, up there, surveying his passengers. Against the wind, his head bobbed loosely on his shoulders, as if attached to a coil of invisible springs, but the movement so slow my eyes needed time to adjust. As they did, I withheld myself panicking, for my first thought was, ‘oh God, the man is absolutely smashed from the bottle.’  Closer observation made me wiser. There’s obviously a terrible illness at work here, probably Alzheimer’s, which, however tragic, only enhanced my analysis, for the diagnosis was the same: the man was liable to lose his head.’

Alexander Prophet – Wonderful World Of Wonders; Guidehall Press.

5 Responses to “Smoke Signals”
  1. tinkadele says:

    Cool concept!

  2. Arkenaten says:

    I sometimes despair of the fact that my reading preferences seem so damned narrowly focused, and even though I can write flash fiction and short stories, and even have one published, I pretty much never read them!
    I only ever owned one short story book:an Asimov SciFi collection that I swapped for the novel Marrow, by Robert Reed.

    In fact, I’d rather read the dictionary than short stories. Odd.
    But we’re all different.

  3. danielavanillax3 says:

    looks like you.

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