Photo Finish

A Slovenian visitor captures the beauty of Berlin in a night-shoot, with emotion and clarity, using a Canon5-24mm lens. Incredible DOF. Impressive; it’s alive.

10 hours driving, from Ljubljana to Berlin with two germans andd one spanish. I really hate travelling by car. Fog and snow. So, finally we were in Berlin. Friedrichshain, East Berlin. So we finally unpacked our stuff. Here is our little, messy and cute room. Thanks to Julius and his mother for hosting us.


First day in Berlin, after we unpacked, we met an old friend in Kreuzberg in an amazing café with live jazz music.


And here is one shot from Danziger Straße while we were going home back. Amazing place. I was thinking that I should come to this neighborhood again. By the way, if you are in this neighborhood and if it is sunday, you really have to visit flea market called Mauerpark. You can find anything you want. Like a paradise.


While we were going home back, I have met a teenager girl in subway, with…

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