Permission is not Granted

What do you do, if you see your blogpost somewhere else with a different byline and additional content? I wasn’t sure what to do; I was frozen for several hours. My post was copied and pasted, with a new photo inserted. And it wasn’t ‘by me.’

There is a proper way of doing things, and this certainly didn’t fit the bill.

It was the first time it’s happened to me. I asked a friend to look at it, but that took too long, so I asked the WordPress Administration instead. Their verdict: “it is not a reblog.” And they suggested a course of action. I was left no choice but to send formal notification of infringement, with a plea to the blogger to use the proper format (A. write a feature/ B. ‘reblog this post’ button), or remove the content. If I wish to feature someone else’s work (Dodging Rainbows), I will do exactly that – with their permission – or I will reblog their post: it’s not mine.

My material is not play-dough for lazy writers, it really does have meaning for me. I use this blog to hone my writing skills, to better survive in the unforgiving world of deadlines, publishers and readers. After I post(raw), I edit, weeks on end, often longer, until it can be considered as serious literature. I want you to like it, but I can’t tolerate the misuse of my intellectual property – none of us will.

In the last 24hrs I’ve learned the risks of blogging; it’s no different to the jungle of Hollywood, where the smile makes you dizzy while the hand takes your stuff. This experience has left me mistrustful, but I will continue to share what I write, in good faith, with a friendly reminder: Permission is not granted.

11 Responses to “Permission is not Granted”
  1. tinkadele says:

    I agree, whether it was a misunderstanding or lack of appropriate blogging knowledge, no one would want this to happen. Re-blogging is a compliment, copying and pasting is taking credit for work that isn’t your own.

  2. dhonour says:

    Man. I’ve had someone ‘re-use’ (is that the polite way to put it?”) a blog post title (which was pretty specific), but the content was different. Hopefully it can be chalked up to amateur blogging practices and not covert plagiarism. The upside is…your stuff is good enough for others to want to pass off as their own!

    • lexborgia says:

      I hear you D. I spoke to Obama on your behalf; he’s having someone look into it; secret service agents will protect your titles in the future. Your kindness is much appreciated, but please send cake and Jabba the Hut gummi-bears next time also. Cheers.

  3. mabel8ble says:

    OMG, it’s heinous. Every post is hard labor plus what you have in you: knowledge, experience, expertise… It’s your baby!!!! I also work my ass off for my stuff, good or bad, I strike to put out my best effort I can make. I don’t do half ass work, at least content wise. How do you find out this same post? Where do you look for them for the future? I am really wondering now. Is there anything practical you can do if they don’t take it down? So sorry for you.

  4. lexborgia says:

    How I found out? I saw it in my feed(reader), same title by someone I had just befriended. At the end of ‘their post’ there was a ‘shared via’ link, which is meaningless because nothing was shared, and it didn’t reroute to the original, only to the website – but hey, the readers loved her/his post. Probably, they believed they did nothing wrong. What to do? As the copyright holder, you must inform the host(wordpress) and send formal/legal notification to the offender; if they don’t comply, then the content host(wordpress) gets involved, as do the lawyers.

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