Dodging Rainbows

Issue 1.

Please remain calm.

E=MC2 is hereby suspended: the energy content exceeds the mass of the body.

The stories we wish to highlight in this first issue of Dodging Rainbows, can challenge Einstein’s formula any day – or Doctor Who’s police box: small on the outside, yet sure to leave you shaking your head in disbelief, after you see what’s inside. Come closer, these two ladies deserve your undivided attention.

This is not fiction, just flash, so don’t close your eyes.

Sandy Hesler & Justine Monikue have served up a refreshing dose of laughter, multi-colour balloons and a Reagan mask included. 2 blogposts that will enrich the archives as comedy classics when the readers get a sniff!

Follow the nose.


Sandy Hesler –  Papaya? My, Oh My!

-”Having never tried fresh papaya before, I was looking forward to a delicious treat. Hopefully that one will taste good!.”- Was it a treat? Or the evil trick! It was a meal to remember, that’s for sure, a family affair. Will they love her for it? Let’s find out; visit Sandy here >> one munching momma-homepage

“S0 let me get this straight. You broke in again to apologize for breaking in before?” Which actress, in which film, spoke those words?





Justine Monikue – Red Is A Whore Color

-”Sorry in advance to all you red lovers, but apparently, you’re a whore. Yup. Probably a dirty one too.”-

Will Superman be needing a new tailor? Is this the end of devilishly seductive dresses and red-hot cars? We have a crisis on our hands. If such scathing accusation be proven true, the world will never be the same. To arms, ye lovers of the Red, we ride to war. Visit Justine here. >> JFilez-homepage 


Thursday Again – People with Issues 

Hollis Pample – People On The Bus 

Ashes & Sparks – Choices Choices  

Dodging Rainbows Issue 2 to be released on March 10th

nerd on the bridge‘ can in no way be held legally responsible for any short or long-term psychological damage that may result from reading these two stories or the material recommended under Short-cuts. The Authors alone are responsible.

9 Responses to “Dodging Rainbows”
  1. Thanks for the feature! You’re magnificent 🙂

  2. Thanks so much again for featuring a post of mine! My husband and I really enjoyed the play on E=MC2!

  3. tinkadele says:

    As you can see, I have previously “liked” the post so I knew of the one which you were talking about… but I found it again, now for my reward. Payment with cookies will be fine.

  4. themonumentaljackass says:

    The E=MC2 was, in a sense, the best compliment you could give to the posts you tagged. And I am honored to be one of them. I’m grateful.

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