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    The Poster Love MachineFebruary 13th, 2013
    '....that's big enough for 2 or 3, or 23, I ain't got no hang-ups.'
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Oh, You Stupid Woman

In the U.S, the beatdown of Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar continues unabated. The knives are out from all sides, sharpened with a brand of racism too powerful to defend against. She was marked anyway – dark-skinned woman in a hijab is an irresistible target. She was asking for it. Begging for it. Right! Indeed. Right … Continue reading

Word! The Smackdown

Superhero Rap-Battles facing off this time Batman vs Superman  let’s get a close up Batman Human. Born In Gotham City. Orphan. Powers: Brain power. Weapons Arsenal. Weakness: none Aliases: The Bat/ Dark Knight/ Caped Crusader Summary: Cold. Short on words. No scruples. Ruthless, with the ability to neutralize all  enemies including theJustice League (Justice League: Doom). Batman’s … Continue reading

Hang ’em High

The Irish never come alone they come in a brigade an uncle a cousin a brother for the summer childhood friend for the weekend father open-end the mother brings her sisters curtains from Marks & Spencer and all the time in the world to hang them up.

Codename: Salvation

WARNING: SALTY LANGUAGE On the evening Brexit trumped on reason a devout man pleaded with me on a corner in Berlin a bold mission to extract my immortal soul from an imminent peril of which I was unaware. He told me I was born a sinner because a slutty woman put the wrong thing in … Continue reading

The Heat

The Standing Dicks Conflict – Pt.2: Assessing The Enemy  It’s hot seduction tops and shorts on a fork with no salad served up by feminist hypocrites jiggly bits for mister mister to notice her  sexy bitches that’s a dis don’t tell ’em that respect the rack act like you don’t know what they playin at … Continue reading


My decision never to mention him complicated things accusations that I couldn’t be trusted to make responsible choices or have deep conversations about subjects that impact our daily lives and try as I might to deny apathy and steer the conversation anew away from him the burden I’d relenquished there was no convincing her she … Continue reading

The Making Of!

‘to whom it may concern’ Onyourown Hero Lobbyists, lavishing Congress for more Abrams to drive to Benjamins times millions, hooah, that’s how we roll, program to pillage fully loaded, shock & awe, and dragon’s claw to scratch what’s left, step aside Butch, we blasting. The Sale, of the 2nd, the 3rd Brigade and heirs to … Continue reading


I awoke in Bangkok, swathed in Swedish duvet, aroused by the scent of happy hibiscus from Korean vases, to chatter, drifting in with the wind from Englishmen next door, swearing in German at hangovers consigned by Russian vodka. Hunger, gnawing at preferences, French croissants, with classic Seville orange marmalade. Imperial Maybelline, pit-a-pat on Persian rugs … Continue reading

Fair Conditions

My world was turned upside down a night on the town with a black guy in jacket and tie who wasn’t high couldn’t recite how Tupac died drank wine and opined on the fate  of Kentucky “a state, not a plate full of secrets”  he was vegetarian. *** His finger was not on the trigger … Continue reading

Four Rooms

Day one: don’t be afraid, they’re just pills, but an hour later emotions swarmed, buzzing terror, wrenching gut and nowhere to go but in the shadows, where bliss played hedonist at my expense. Day two: deja vu, the sweet shone through but the vessel collapsed, exhausted from cavorting in the light. Day three: torrential tears, … Continue reading

Dead Precedents

Rappers are fast talking gangsters with beef grilled teeth block parties shorties glocks chest nuts rocks shot clocks the drop on cops stop and search God sweet talk white chicks big dicks fat lyrics chronic bling pimp rings peed-on women can’t swim anti Reagan pro Clinton courvoisier escalades cellmates beats by Dre dead snitches and … Continue reading

What They Become

Cocaine is born green and feeble to dark-hued peasants in the third world who nurture the child until it’s strong and white enough to be adopted by Americans

Laughing At Illusions

Roller-blading old school on water fountains spouting nothing but familiar hoods and goods nobody wants haunted by the chance to find nirvana, torn sworn to secrecy defeated no-show witness in her own trial for a vial of reality on second avenue or was it first rehearsal in reverse down the middle of a hill tilted sideways slowing … Continue reading

Hostage for Hire

The terrace at the Sour Black is full, but inside there’s a free table on the high glass pane, a coveted view to the street outside – Chestnue Avenue, catwalk of egos, derisively known as Casting Avenue. The models don’t care. Sitting down to an espresso with a shot of Cuervo Gold Tequila and the … Continue reading

Rent is too damn High

“for the student, the sleepless & the heart-broken” Rent Can’t sleep can’t eat for weeks on end staring at a screen trying to get good grades and still failed with an empty refrigerator and professors crying “encore encore.” Another day goes by with burning eyes refuse to close or fade to black or cut me … Continue reading

Photo Finish

10 hours driving, from Ljubljana to Berlin with two germans andd one spanish. I really hate travelling by car. Fog and snow. So, finally we were in Berlin. Friedrichshain, East Berlin. So we finally unpacked our stuff. Here is our little, messy and cute room. Thanks to Julius and his mother for hosting us. First…

Zero Plus Two

Kamala Harris got her moment in the spotlight. An attack on Joe Biden. And she’s still at it, riding her dead horse through Westeros to Biden’s front door, where she loiters, ringing her little bell while repeating the words ‘shame, shame’. Pitiful. I’ve been hesitant to post this commentary since the first debate in Miami, … Continue reading

Sign Here

“They’re not going to have a nuclear weapon,” Trump told reporters before leaving the White House for Camp David. “We’re not going to have Iran have a nuclear weapon. “When they agree to that, they’re going to have a wealthy country. They’re going to be so happy, and I’m going to be their best friend. … Continue reading

Wicked. A Good Thing.

Politics is a cynical business. Past tense. Oh, how I wish for a return to those days. Now, it is the habitat of swindlers, grifters, sophisticated Hitlers and proper liars who’ve mired the old fashioned spin doctor in a swamp of near extinction. Fiction is king. Enter Mike Pomp & Circumstance. Secretary of State. Christian. … Continue reading

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