• Meteor Fragments

    A Letter to CyprusMarch 18th, 2013
    'Am I not my brother's keeper!'

In the Beginning

for Trinity-Victoria 29,99 I’ll have that in a year all mine then that rocket-ship exploded those astronauts died and the President cried what I thought was pretty cool because in kindergarten, everyone cries so it’s okay for grown-ups sometimes with all the problems they have that’s why they go shopping for toys of their own … Continue reading

Frankie Vatican – the secret tapes

 Breaking News: Edward Snowden has released new NSA files exclusively to nerd on the bridge. The contents reveal conversations between Pope Francis 1 and his aide Gaid Lahzi, conversations which lead to the fearful conclusion that these two men are none other than the feared duo Layhzi-G & Frankie Vatican aka The Teflon Rap Gangsta. Tape 001 … Continue reading

Kiss the Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook is out. Gay. And proud to be. Please. Spare me. Why should he, or any other human-being exposed to publicity feel compelled to disclose their sexual orientation? Follow the money. When ‘the public’ en masse is your watering hole – the foundation of your income – it is fundamental to highlight when you, or your product, is tainted with the gay, … Continue reading

H-E-R-O #8 John van Fleet

The Honeyed Frontier

Silly man you are aren’t you! Chasing dreams of milk and honey overflowing yonder under dresses Send in the spies test those defences will they crumble at the sound of the horn? A sword drawn at the entry to paradise – glory beckons Subdue plunge deeper inland push on plunder her taste the honeyed frontier … Continue reading


Strawberry Elephants

Mitch Lang deciphers the intricacies of poetic thought. And effect. Playdough I could say, He didn’t understand a thing About my poem! But what gives me the right? I may be the one to write, Those lines, But he is the interpreter. I may know what they Meant for me, But once I decide To … Continue reading


Suck That. Up a Notch

The Valentines Day hype doesn’t work on me – I have a getaway. Welcome to ‘in da club’, on the planet Risa, where love and pleasures reside.  It’s been one hell of a weekend, and this is the highlight, an exclusive performance by Missy Elliott – she won’t remember being here – a sizzling track that … Continue reading


All around me it’s Christmas, I’m told good cheer and Santa on the way saviours born to die and fly under a star to the sound of cash registers and credit cards singing carrols written in numbers Shop and you shall be saved eat, drink and be merry Christ died for your sins ego tripping … Continue reading

Return to Sender

The Box Obligations reminders brochures overtures and government useless paper anger every day at the same time you even have a key to my building Is that legal? Memories faded now of you coming up the street sometimes on a motorcycle unseen but audible and I, often times excited rushing out to meet you full … Continue reading

time to bail


Two There are 5 words to say 25 things about the 10 most dishonest people at the Forbes Top 100 companies created in the last 50 years whereby 4 of those 10 are excluded for 9 reasons due to threats of litigation but we can say that in the last 7 years 6 founding CEOs … Continue reading

Kastanien Allee Berlin

Please Stand Back

Eberswalder Strasse, East Berlin. A busy junction. The traffic came from six directions, and in the middle are mammoth foundations of steel and heavy stone carrying the weight of the trains rumbling their way over the suspended tracks into the covered tunnel overhead.  Alex Ferry loves trains, the designs, the sound, the voice on the P.A saying ‘please … Continue reading


The Beautiful Deception

 Mr. President. Barack Obama won the first time by a landslide. Against a war hero. And again. Against racists and birthers, the Tea Party, Fox News chamber of fear and doom, and an impenetrable GOP blockade of everything he proposed – in the midst of a great recession. Osama bin Laden, Gaddafi, Sarkozy. He vanquished … Continue reading

Fathers & Sons. Pt.1

Part.2 by Alexander Prophet  ‘we are not our fathers sons, we are, our mothers’ children.‘  People ask me often, ‘Alex Ferry! Where’re you from?’ That’s not difficult to explain but it takes time. To listen.  My father’s mother, a Franco-German, was born in Elsass-Lothrington to a Hamburg seamstress and a Bordeaux wine dealer. His father … Continue reading



….so I smoked a joint instead and looking up, from the bed I thought Santa Claus is the man in the tan van with The Golden AN that Lefty spoke of. He’s coming. A bad habit on a sleigh until the Coca Cola Company decides otherwise. Does he bring all the presents under the tree … Continue reading

Lost & Found

Public Service Announcement The following items remain unclaimed. Item A: Saddam Hussein Birth Certificate   Item B: Raging Wasillan Item D: True Christian Poster     Item C: Civil Liberties Paper-weight     Item E:Xmas Pimp with Staff     Please contact the Faux News Studio in New York – with voter ID and proof of ownership.

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