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    Bishop Takes QueenApril 13th, 2014
    Alex Ferry goes shopping
ALL-STAR_WESTERN_8 - Jose O Ladrönn

Part-time Lover

This conversation is several months old. Question: Did this relationship survive? Oliver Why so glum, Jules? Has your love nest been demolished? Are you out in the cold again? Something is gnawing away at you.  Julia No, no. Love nest is still intact, I’m still nice and warm. But you’re right, there is something bothering … Continue reading

Investing in Futures

I stood on the balcony, inhaling deeply, slowly, bathing my lungs with the fresh air of the early morning, enjoying the sound of bird orchestras, and the faint echoes of man and machine coming from the invisible boulevard behind the dancing clusters of whispering trees. Julia, from the flat directly below, walks through the yard; it’s time for work. Her … Continue reading


up a notch

The Valentines Day hype doesn’t work on me, but it leaves me wanting something. A getaway. Luckily, I have a spaceship. Welcome to ‘in da club’ on the planet Risa, where love and pleasures reside. It’s been one hell of a weekend on Risa, as always, culminating at this after-hour party with a delicious highlight: … Continue reading


Drake’s Prayer

Martin Drake relaxed in a warm bath of soothing salts and caressing bubbles, to candle light and Garfunkel’s guitar. A large snifter of Hennessy Paradis Extra enhances the moment, as he ruminates over the comforts of home and his life thus far. Just beyond his retreat, the children sleep, and Denise sits cosy on the … Continue reading

time to bail


Two There are 5 words to say 25 things about the 10 most dishonest people at the Forbes Top 100 companies created in the last 50 years whereby 4 of those 10 are excluded for 9 reasons due to threats of litigation but we can say that in the last 7 years 6 founding CEOs … Continue reading


Brothers in Arms

Brothers In Arms Fifty years of tears plus ten forever and some more lived upon the shores of Samaria and Gaza. Is that so? the world does ask quick forgotten as the grass is the present future torture, seizure checkpoints, closure and a wall with many names that say this man is an animal untamed. … Continue reading

the rent is too damn high

Rent is too damn High

“for the student, the sleepless & the heart-broken” Rent Can’t sleep can’t eat for weeks on end staring at a screen trying to get good grades and still failed with an empty refrigerator and professors crying “encore encore.” Another day goes by with burning eyes refuse to close or fade to black or cut me … Continue reading

Light At The End Of..!

The One That Got Away

Catching The Light I share the same light today, Generously dancing, Everywhere Reflections dingle, Dangle on the walls, On the wood, Behind me and beside, Playfully Caressing. I want to catch one as they slowly dwindle. So strong this morning, Defined and reassuring it was. Now drawing, Gentle reflections of an afternoon’s end Escaping my … Continue reading


British Beef

BBC Blackadder Series III: Blackadder The Third. Edmund Blackadder Esquire, scion of an aristocratic line in rapid social decline, is preparing to leave for the West Indies without his doting manservant and doormat, Baldrick. Baldrick: I still can’t believe you’re leaving me behind. Blackadder: Oh don’t you worry. When we’re established on our plantation in … Continue reading

Hero by John van Fleet

Bishop takes Queen

Here we are. Have a look in this store window. Show some interest in those wares. Look harder – spy her between the mannequins sitting behind the counter reading. Scribbling. Reading. Florida Müller. She glances up and outward and squints a little with pricked interest at a possible discovery, and I am loath to see … Continue reading

Heil Nicolas

English football club West Brom Albion is expected to be arraigned on terrorism charges in the next twenty-four hours, after their French striker Nicolas Anelka aka Black Hitler was found guilty of anti-semitism for using the popular French anti-establishment gesture the quenelle to celebrate a fine goal on December 28th, 2013. The club is accused of planning the destruction of … Continue reading

So What!

Nato General Secretary Anders ‘fucking idiot’ Rasmussen today appealed to the E.U and Nato States to prepare for war, threatening Russia with grave consequences if, as in Crimea, it accedes to any requests by Russians in East Ukraine, the Russian half of a country comprising the Russian half of the country that considers itself Russian, and therefore, … Continue reading


  A high priority message from my beautiful, witty associate Mitch Lang, who writes the Cookies & Scones section of this blog, last sighted some six months ago (after a long mission aboard this ship – The Paradox) disembarking a shuttle for French Brittany, in continental Europe: message: Time is thin, But, Desires to write, … Continue reading

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I am currently a graduate student of history, struggling to maintain my sanity (I hope my efforts are working). I specifically study race and gender, so sorry for the overload. I enjoy writing in my free time and find writing to be a positive outlet (example of negative outlet: alcohol) for stress.

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