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    Strawberry ElephantsMay 4th, 2014
    Our resident hallucination the witty Irish poet Mitch Lang haunts the ship's corridors and the length of your imagination once again.

Kiss the Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced he is gay, and proud to be. Spare me. Why does he, or any other human-being exposed to publicity feel compelled to disclose their sexual orientation? Follow the money. In cases where ‘the public’ en masse is your watering hole i.e the foundation of your income, it is fundamental to highlight when you, or your … Continue reading


Strawberry Elephants

Mitch Lang deciphers the intricacies of poetic thought. And effect. Playdough I could say, He didn’t understand a thing About my poem! But what gives me the right? I may be the one to write, Those lines, But he is the interpreter. I may know what they Meant for me, But once I decide To … Continue reading

By George!

  The great, the immortal George Carlin on the American Dream.   Full sized image at the bridge. More cartoons, art and malarky in the Farscape Gallerey.

Investing in Futures

I stood on the balcony, inhaling deeply, slowly, bathing my lungs with the fresh air of the early morning, enjoying the sound of bird orchestras, and the faint echoes of man and machine coming from the invisible boulevard behind the dancing clusters of whispering trees. Julia, from the flat directly below, walks through the yard; it’s time for work. Her … Continue reading


Hollywood Poker

“I’ll be back,” he says. You’re dead And he ain’t bluffing Your clothes, give them to me Really! Charles Bronson disagrees smiles and posts the big blind Death Wish 1, 2, 3, 4 of a kind What about Tom? Seductive cute in Risky Business, swinging He came of age as a Top Gun killer poker … Continue reading

time to bail


Two There are 5 words to say 25 things about the 10 most dishonest people at the Forbes Top 100 companies created in the last 50 years whereby 4 of those 10 are excluded for 9 reasons due to threats of litigation but we can say that in the last 7 years 6 founding CEOs … Continue reading


Russia from my House

A picture is worth a thousand words! Indeed. Russian Artist Andrei Budaev, the master of political parody, invites us to count the words. Vladimir Putin has dominated Europe and Russia’s political stage like no other since Stalin. Pooti Poot is everywhere, and nowhere. What the American right in blatant mischaracterization attempted to pin on Obama, namely, leading … Continue reading



September Seeps: Scarves & Socks by Mitch Lang September seeps in. That quilt is starting to feel a little light. The one you would kick off a few days earlier. Something frisky hints at change. Morning is late. That stuffy nose feeling. That first light scarf. The one you bought on the Summer sales. When … Continue reading


The Making Of!

‘to whom it may concern’ Onyourown Hero Lobbyists, lavishing Congressmen for more Abrams to drive to Benjamins times Millions, Hooah, that’s how we roll Homes, program to pillage fully loaded, Shock & Awe, and dragon’s claw to scratch what’s left, step aside Butch, we blasting. The Sale, of the 2nd, the 3rd Brigade and heirs … Continue reading


Smoke Signals

Flash Fiction. Is short. Industry gate-keepers coalesce around 500 words. Beyond that, is motion blur. In China, long ago, it flourished as ‘the smoke long‘ story, done when your cigarette is. Of course, cigarettes were much shorter back then. There’s no need to ‘light up’ now, this will all be over in a flash. Irish … Continue reading

Orgasms & Equality

Let’s get to the point. I am guilty: I love women.  I am galled, and pretty steamed today, having encountered men, repeatedly, who label women as sluts, simply because the girl is getting some. The heat is on Taylor Swift, presently being battered with a Lindsay Lohan comparison, as if there’s something morally wrong, or unclean, about either of … Continue reading

Out of Joint

foggy in the lobby bloody mess amazed at the maze patrons stealing names gate-crashing reservations there’s a flood in the main hall garbage where’s the caviar, as advertised it’s in there somewhere behind the whiskers under the pile and up the creek one paddle in the corner, selfie-styled poets sweeten the Earl Grey with salt … Continue reading


Quiet Times

Too Hot break the silence/ break the silence/ 2B or not 2B!/ at the party/ therefore I am one performance only you demanded that I raise the noise/ to another level play and tell/ shock you with a groove/ move you/ to remember that I never left/ it’s ok/ to miss the way I made … Continue reading

H-E-R-O #8 John van Fleet

The Honeyed Frontier

Silly man you are aren’t you! Chasing dreams of milk and honey overflowing Yonder under dresses Send in the spies test those defences will they crumble at the sound of the horn? A sword drawn the promise of glory at the entry to paradise Subdue plunge deeper inland push on plunder her taste the honeyed … Continue reading

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